TodoSpec 1.1

Effectively organize your daily tasks


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Optional password protection
  • Option to minimize to notification area


  • No alarm option


TodoSpec is a basic application that allows you to itemize and categorize your daily to do list, all from the comfort of your PC's desktop.

Just click the new task button and you can get started in a matter of seconds. Each task allows you to choose a start and end time for the task to be completed as an option. Then, just give the task a title, set its priority level on a scale of one to ten, and give it a status. Your task's status can be listed as complete, canceled, pending, passing, paused, or in preparation. You can additionally add further, more complete details to the task if you prefer.

TodoSpec's main interface is quite user-friendly. You can organize your tasks by day, week, month, or set a custom timeframe. TodoSpec also shows you how many tasks you have to complete on a given day and lists any that have expired with red numbering. There are also a wide variety of keyboard short-cuts you can use in TodoSpec that make it even easier to add in the tasks you need to get done on a daily basis.

The one thing that would truly make TodoSpec stand out and set it apart from other like programs seems to be the one thing it doesn't have. A TodoSpec notification system for when task deadlines are approaching would have been a wonderful added feature, especially for the most forgetful among us.

TodoSpec still has great usability and is a good option for anyone who needs a little extra organizational help.

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TodoSpec 1.1

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